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8 Hr Preventive Health & Safety for childcare Providers

The 8 EMSA Preventive Health & Safety including Nutrition and Lead Poisoning Prevention is a training program developed by the Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) in California. It is designed to provide child care providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and maintain the health and safety of children in their care.

The course covers a wide range of topics related to preventive health and safety, with a specific focus on nutrition and lead poisoning prevention. The course description includes:

1. Introduction to Preventive Health & Safety: This section provides an overview of the importance of preventive measures in maintaining the health and safety of children. It covers topics such as risk assessment, emergency preparedness, and the role of child care providers in promoting a safe environment.

2. Nutrition and Healthy Eating: This section focuses on the importance of proper nutrition for children's growth and development. It covers topics such as the food groups, portion control, meal planning, and strategies to promote healthy eating habits.

3. Lead Poisoning Prevention: This section raises awareness about the dangers of lead exposure and provides information on how to prevent lead poisoning in children. It covers topics such as the sources of lead, the health effects of lead poisoning, and strategies to minimize lead exposure in the child care setting.

4. Preventive Health Practices: This section emphasizes the importance of preventive health practices in child care settings. It covers topics such as hand hygiene, sanitation practices, immunizations, and the importance of regular health check-ups.

5. Safety in the Child Care Environment: This section provides information on identifying and addressing potential hazards in the child care environment. It covers topics such as fire safety, accident prevention, safe handling of chemicals, and creating a safe play area.

Upon completion of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion, indicating their knowledge and understanding of preventive health and safety practices, including nutrition and lead poisoning prevention.

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