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In Person CEU’s for CNA’s & HHA’s


Are you a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or a Home Health Aide (HHA) looking for advanced training to hone your skills and expand your knowledge? We have good news for you! We offer in-person Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for CNA’s and HHA’s right here in California, and the best part? Our courses are approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Why CEUs Matter?

The healthcare industry is an ever-evolving field. New technologies, procedures, and techniques are introduced on a regular basis. In such a dynamic landscape, it's crucial for healthcare professionals to stay updated. This is where CEUs come in. They provide valuable opportunities for professionals to keep abreast with the latest trends and developments in their respective fields.

For CNA’s and HHA’s, CEUs play a critical role in maintaining their certification status. In California, for example, a CNA must complete at least 48 hours of in-service/CEUs during each certification period. Of these 48 hours, at least 12 hours must be completed in each year of the 2-year certification period.

Benefits of In-Person CEUs

While online CEUs are becoming increasingly popular, in-person CEUs offer a unique set of benefits. They provide a hands-on learning experience that allows you to interact directly with instructors and peers. This interaction fosters a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, as it encourages active participation and immediate feedback.

Moreover, in-person CEUs offer networking opportunities that are not readily available with online courses. They provide a platform to connect with other professionals in your field, exchange ideas, and learn from their experiences.

Why Choose Us?

Our in-person CEU courses are not just approved by the CDPH, they're designed to provide you with the practical skills and knowledge that you need to excel in your role. Whether you're a CNA or a HHA, you'll find our courses both informative and engaging.

We understand the demands of your job and have therefore scheduled our courses at convenient times. We also offer a supportive and interactive learning environment to ensure that you get the most out of your CEU experience.

Get Started Today

Ready to take your skills to the next level? Call or text us at

to learn more about our in-person CEU courses for CNA’s and HHA’s in California. We look forward to helping you enhance your career!

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