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Pediatric First AID CPR AED Classes Near me for Childcare Providers.

"**Ensure Safety and Confidence with Childcare CPR Training!**

Are you responsible for the well-being of children? Learn essential life-saving skills through our Childcare CPR Training at Life Line CPR Training. Our certified instructors will guide you through the steps of Infant and Child CPR, equipping you with the knowledge to respond effectively in emergencies.

Why Childcare CPR Training is Crucial:

Childcare providers, parents, teachers, and anyone working with children must be prepared to handle medical emergencies. Childcare CPR training provides you with the confidence and skills needed to respond promptly and effectively in critical situations involving infants and children. Being prepared can save lives and prevent further harm in emergency situations.

Steps of Infant and Child CPR:

1. Check for Responsiveness: Tap the child or infant and shout to check for any response.

2. Call for Help: Instruct someone to call emergency services immediately.

3. Begin Chest Compressions: For infants, use two fingers in the center of the chest. For children, use the heel of one hand in the center of the chest.

4. Perform Rescue Breaths: Tilt the head back and lift the chin to open the airway. Give gentle breaths.

5. Continue CPR: Alternate between compressions and breaths until help arrives.

Business Information:

Life Line CPR Training

Phone: 424-265-0563

Empower yourself with the skills to protect the little ones in your care. Enroll in our Childcare CPR Training today to become a confident and capable caregiver. Contact Life Line CPR Training at 424-265-0563 or visit to sign up for a class and learn how to save a child's life in an emergency. Be the hero children need - act now!"

Childcare CPR CLASSES-Near-me

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